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How to use the KWX-N embedded web server

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KWX web server service can easily be reached by PC or mobile devices browsers:

1) Login via WEB Browser interface
 Open the web browser, in the URL type the PDU’s IP address (pre-configured default
Digital screen display priority from high to low are: smoking alarm,
watering alarm, output port failure, total current alarm, sub-current alarm,
temperature and humidity alarm, current and voltage value.
PDU hardware no alarm information display when the infrared and
door alarm, it only can though the software alarm.
2) Out of the box
 Address: and press enter. The web browser will automatically
display the user login box (Default Username:admin; Password:admin)
For further information regarding intelligent PDU network configuration, security and
connectivity, please see the <Quick Installation Manual> that came inside the box
3) Here you go
 Input the default user name and password in above login box (all is “admin”, this
password can be modified, details about modifying please see the annex modify
instruction), click ”confirm” to enter the web server, first page interface as follow:
The IP in http://ip:port is PDU IP, default IP is, port is 80.
No input port code needed, if adopt default port. It means: http://ip
The PDU web login interface is case sensitive, please pay attention when
entering the user name and password or it will fail to login you in. The
PDU web browser will allow three attempts for login. If the third attempt
results in failure the web browser will display the protect page

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